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We are so excited for our youth Pirate basketball players to get on the court and play. It has been a whirlwind of a winter season, and we are doing everything we can to foster and support our students' interest in the sport of basketball. With such short notice and Spring sports right around the corner we truly appreciate everyone’s patience, flexibility and understanding as we try to get these kids active and engaged. 

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  • Youth Basketball Skills League

    Youth Basketball Program Grades 3-8: $145 Register by December 1 and save $20 First and Second Grade: $90 Important Dates: Skills Assessment - Saturday, December 2 3/4th Grade Boys - Complex Gym 9 am-10 am 5/8th Grade Boys - Complex Gym 10:15 am-11:15 am 3/4th Grade Girls - Pathfinder Gym 9 am-10 am 5/8th Grade Girls - Pathfinder Gym 10:15 am-11:15 am First Practice - Week of December 11 First Game - January 13 First/Second Grade- Boys and Girls Teams Saturday mornings (Do not attend Skills Assessment) Time: 11:30 pm-12:30 pm We will be working on the fundamentals of basketball which includes, stationary dribbling moves, correct lay up form, and the beginning levels of defensive footwork. Third/Fourth Grade - Boys and Girls Teams Saturday morning 3 v 3 scrimmages and 1 night a week of drills and skills training Practice Time: TBD We will run three-on-three in the half court setting to begin to teach spacing and all the skills it takes to play the game with other players on the court while introducing the rules and slowly eliminating violations. The reason for 3v3 is that the kids will get more touches on the ball and will get more opportunity to make moves, get more shots, and more basketball opportunities. The coaches feel this is a better fit for kids this age. Fifth through Eighth Grade - Boys and Girls Teams Saturday morning 5 v 5 scrimmages and 1 night a week of drills and skills Time: TBD We will be running a 5 v 5 game teaching the basics of the game and trying to make it as fun as possible while still improving the skills.